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Revitalise your appearance, denture security and denture confidence.


By coming to Denture Express for your new dentures you can be assured that you will receive professional advice and treatment from experienced Cosmetic Denture Experts, who will endeavor to provide you with the denture that suits you from a comfort, style, price and time point of view. From simple replacement dentures to high end advanced Denture Facelifts and Implant retained solutions to maximise your denture confidence, Denture Express has it all. You can achieve the perfect look in less than 7 days from start to finish, with all the benefits in materials and technology that Denture Express has to offer.. Click here to learn more

See the Difference

Working directly with you to achieve your perfect look

Traditionally, people who require dentures have always turned to Dentists. At Denture Express, we are known as Denturists or Clinical Dental Technicians. We are the people who actually make dentures, we work directly with you, the patient, allowing us to provide dentures customised to your exact requirements, resulting in a more natural appearance, comfortable fit and a happier denture wearer..

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We make your life easier by offering the complete service, free consultations, advice and referral pathways.

Denture Implants

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Implant retained dentures
At Denture Express we utilise the latest advancements in implant technology too aid stability, comfort and retention of your dentures.

Dentures secured with just two state of the art implants
can revolutionise your experience and transform your denture wearing life.

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Full Denture Service

Denture care at its best

Denture Express can provide the full denture service directly to you, from denture repair, denture reline and denture products to complex treatment plans involving the whole dental team, we offer our patients an unrivalled level of customer service.


Our friendly, helpful patient coordinators are on hand to help smooth your journey through the process from initial contact to aftercare and beyond. Why not give us a call now and explore all the exciting denture options available to you as a denture wearer.


Denture Express has 5 denture clinics in Yorkshire, for dentures in Wakefield, dentures in Leeds, dentures in Harrogate, dentures in York and dentures in Nottingham as well as a national referral network of expert denture colleagues in the UK.


With new locations being commissioned all the time and seamless referral pathways to our sister company, Denture Excellence Centres, we can help you access local denture service in your area, quickly and easily.


“Its never been easier to achieve your denture perfection”.  

Awarded Denture Excellence Centres Status by the denture excellence group of denture practices